The Unlikely AchieveHer

Are you a woman balancing work, family and friends and have ambition to climb the corporate ladder?  Do you have high expectations for yourself but could use some accountability getting there? Are you tired of obstacle after obstacle at work and not truly thriving in your health, wealth and happiness?


Let me tell you about my personal and career development workbook. It’s 11 chapters of action oriented material to propel you to the next level and break those glass ceilings! 


Read this inspiring guidebook, packed with in-depth advice and ideas, and discover new ways to improve your approach to life and become whatever it is that will make you happy.

Teaching Women

How to Break Glass Ceilings

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Dr. Lakisha Simmons, affectionately known as Dr. Kisha, is CEO of BRAVE Consulting, a women’s empowerment company, executive director of The Achiever Academy nonprofit and business professor at Belmont University.

Dr. Kisha started the renowned Nashville Period Project through The Achiever Academy that gifted over 200,000 period products to Nashville Public Schools in September 2018 and The Green Period to educate females on reusable menstrual products.


We coach and motivate professionals to excel in professional careers. Dr. Kisha teaches young professionals and emerging leaders how to overcome common leadership obstacles and professional women how to break glass ceilings. She offers workshops, keynotes, consulting and coaching to high-potential and high-performance professionals and leaders.


Topics including but not limited to:


How to set and achieve big goals

How to resolve conflict without being perceived as bossy

How to get any outcome with strategic negotiation

How to build a connection at networking events

How to use body language to your benefit

How to overcome fear for good

Dr. Kisha coaches and teaches actionable skills to advance the careers

of females and high-potential professionals.

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Inspiring Success

Inspiring You

The Unlikely AchieveHer workbook, ePlanner, Microsoft Excel Courses, Reusable Period Products and more.

Have award-winning Dr. Kisha speak, moderate or facilitate a workshop. Dr. Kisha inspires success.

Have award-winning Dr. Kisha speak, moderate or facilitate a workshop. Dr. Kisha inspires success.

From Goal Setting Seminars to Body Language Workshops, Dr. Kisha provides uplifting and quality experiences. Sign up now.

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