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Are you here because you want financial security? Possibly retire before 65? Join me on the road to financial freedom.

Dr. Kisha Simmons
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Trade Wages for Stocks Live Workshop
Feb. 27 @ 3:00pm

Welcome! You are probably here because you want to become financially free. Whether you have a financial planner or not, you are in the right place. Read the blog for plenty of mind blowing information that I am sure you were never taught, just like I wasn't. When you are ready to take action and put your financial freedom plan in place to know exactly when you can retire and how and how much to invest, take a look at some of our hands on options.

I've reached financial freedom just shy of $1 million net worth, but I want to bring you with me to $1 million! There are three steps to becoming a Millionaire AchieveHer, 1) Get a Budget Breakthrough 2) Marry Your 401K and 3) Trade Stocks & Retire! Join my $5K challenge and book club and let's head to $1 million together. 

Wealth Book Club (free)
Mar. 5 @ 6:00pm
Marry Your 401k or (solo401k) Workshop 
March 11 @ 6:00pm CST
Complete Financial Freedom Course!

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Hi, I’m Dr. Lakisha Simmons (Dr. Kisha) and I am the first tenured African American in the Analytics department and Belmont University Massey College of Business. When I received tenure in 2017 I was one of only 51 female, African-American Information Systems business school professors in the U.S. I've been awarded countless awards such as 40 Under 40 by the Nashville Business Journal.

But I didn't go to the best schools growing up and I’m not from a "wealthy" family. I bounced around schools, lived with and was raised by multiple family members, and felt hopeless as a child. But now I'm financially independent. But I had to shift my mindset and develop grit and hustle to get here. But when I learned that financial freedom could be as simple as shifting from saving to investing, everything changed for me. Now I'm dedicating to helping women become millionaires through investing. 

I love helping women achieve their goals. Join my Money Club where I teach women how to create their own financial security through budgeting, debt payoff, investing and eventually financial independence!

 My full story and path to success is told in my workbook, The Unlikely AchieveHer, a personal and career development guide for women to overcome life’s most common obstacles and gain the prosperity they deserve. Watch me tell my story as shared over the USA Today network.