Forecasting  the Economic Consequences of COVID-19 Using a Futures Wheel

Colin Cannonier, Brad Childs, Howard Cochran, Lakisha Simmons, Marieta Velikova 

Some Information on Creating a FuturesWheel

1.       Futures Wheel.

2.       The Futures Wheel: Identifying the Consequences of a Change.

3.       Futures Wheel Template.

4.       Futures Wheel Template.

5.       Futures Wheel Examples.


Some Data Sets on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

1.       Center for Disease Control (CDC) COVID Data Tracker: (readily available)

2.       Google COVID-19 Mobility Data: (readily available)

3.       Google Trends Data: (readily available)

4.       Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases: (readily available)

5.    Downloadable Database:

6.   Miami Herald database on Lockdown Dates: (readily available)

7.   New York Times database: (readily available)

8.   Our World in data: (readily available)

9.   World Bank: (readily available)

10.   Worldometer Database: (readily available)



Some Other Coverage on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

1.       BBC News:

2.       Federal Reserve

    o    Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta COVID-19 Resources & Events:

    o    Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis COVID-19 Page:

          §  COVID-19 Economic Data Tracking:

          §  COVID-19 Financial Data Tracking: 

3. Coverage of the CoronaVirus:

4.       International Monetary Fund (IMF) – Country Policy Responses to COVID-19:

5.       International Monetary Fund (IMF):

6.       Pan American Health Organization (PAHO):

7.       United Nations (UN):

8.       World Health Organization (WHO):

9.       World Tourism Organization (WTO):

10.   Euromonitor International.

11.   Bloomberg:

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