One of my proudest moments this year was helping my eldest son, C.J., complete his book, Divorce: 7 keys to making it through your parents’ divorce.

So many of us have been impacted by divorce but the children seem to struggle the most.  I am so proud of my 11 year old son because he wanted to turn his lemons into lemonade. He wanted to turn his pain of divorce into strategies to help other kids cope with their parents’ divorce. He wrote and created the storyline for his book all on his own. From encouraging kids to seek counseling, dealing with going between two households and how to bond with step-siblings, it's all in this book. Parents will get an inside look into what divorce is like through a child’s eyes. It’s a real tear jerker, but has a really happy ending!


C.J. is such an amazing kid and I’m so proud of him. He wants to donate copies to schools and libraries in our area. So, will you support C.J. by purchasing a print or eBook copy on Amazon (and leave a review)? The eBook is available for preorder now and will auto deliver to you via Amazon. The print version will be live on Amazon on September 9, 2021? Let’s make this book go viral! Please share on your social media!


*As a thank you in advance for purchasing and leaving a review, here is a coupon code for 20% off my Complete Financial Freedom Course! Yes, 20% off $347! This is a one time offer for supporting my son.  Just click this link for the discounted price. Thank you!


A special thank you to my partner Isaac for all his support including emotional, editing and reviewing of the book for publication. :)