Durable Archiving of Leading Edge Pedagogies in Economic Education

When perusing the website for the annual conference of the American Economic Association, one can find abstracts from the Committee on Economic Education poster session. But poster sessions have not been archived for more than two years. Our website intends to archive these poster presentations for a much longer duration and to enable the educator to access these ideas more easily. The archive intends to include posters from the 2017 session going forward.


Our website intends to allow users to search posters by conference year, title and author. We hope to include the presentation abstract, the poster itself and any related hyperlinks.


There is strong need to increase communication among economic educators who desire to explore the pedagogical frontiers in economic education, which is the premise of archiving these peer reviewed poster presentations. While some posters become research papers, all poster ideas warrant dissemination among fellow colleagues.


Our website will save professors much time and effort as they seek to find techniques which increase student engagement, learning and satisfaction. We intend to maintain this resource for the public good by improving access to the latest in pedagogical techniques. We welcome your feedback for improving this website for economic educators.

Durable Archiving of Posters

Cochran, Childs, Velikova & Simmons April 1, 2017