Lakisha L. Simmons, Ph.D.

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Dr. Kisha

Hi, I’m Dr. Lakisha Simmons (Dr. Kisha) and I've been awarded the Rising Star Award by CABLE, 40 Under 40 by the Nashville Business Journal, Nashville Emerging Leader in Education by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce and Susan Short Jones Emerging Leaders Award by the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc Metro Nashville Chapter. But at the core, I'm a first generation college student, tenured professor of analytics, and financially independent AchieveHer (TM).

I’m not from a "wealthy" family. I bounced around schools, lived with and was raised by multiple family members, and felt hopeless as a child. The little brown girl, born of teenage parents, who had no hope, is now financially independent. But I had to shift my mindset and develop grit and hustle to get here. But when I learned that financial freedom could be as simple as shifting from saving to investing, everything changed for me. I make an above average salary as a professor, but it is not a luxurious salary by far. I achieved financial independence not because of my salary, but rather because I have been saving 60% of my take home pay for several years. It’s a decision I made to be frugal and invest versus spend.

I love helping women achieve their goals. I’m CEO of BRAVE Consulting LLC, an empowerment training company, an associate professor of information systems with over 40 peer reviewed scholarly works, Six Sigma Black Belt, app founder, executive director of The Achiever Academy and living my best and most prosperous life. Join my Money Club!

I mentor and help girls through Global Period Project work. We've donated over half a million period products in middle Tennessee since 2018. My full story and path to success is told in my workbook, The Unlikely AchieveHer, a personal and career development guide for women to overcome life’s most common obstacles and gain the prosperity they deserve.