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"I Just Don't Know Where to Start."

Have you ever been worried about not having enough money?  Do you wish you knew more about personal finance and investing? Many people struggle with these same questions. You’re not alone and we're here to help.


The workshops we offer teach you how to

  1. cut spending by at least 10% in Budget Bestie,

  2. maximize retirement accounts in Marry Your 401k and

  3. learn how to trade in the stock market in Trade Wages for Stocks! 


"I cut my expenses down by nearly  $300/month so far and now I'm investing it. Dr. Kisha definitely helped me to shift my mindset from saving to active investor!"  Markeyta W.


"Your Trade Stocks class and this mini movement that you've started have completely shifted the way I think about what matters and how to make the most of living."  Heather N.

Never Struggle with Finances Again


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