Yep, in our front yard, during Covid-19, Isaac Addae and I tied the knot in a beautiful spiritual ceremony. But anyone who knows me, knows I'm "frugal" to say the least. So Covid or no Covid, we planned to create the wedding experience of our dreams ... but on a budget! I love spreadsheets and thought I would share our budget along with some photos from our ceremony.

What's most important to US?

The most important aspect of the experience for me was the vow exchange. For Isaac, guess what, it was the vows. So as you see, it wasn't the dress, the cake or anything that could cost us a ton of money. For three reasons, one, we were both married before and had the huge wedding experience. Second, we wanted to focus on us and God, and nothing or no one else. Third, I grew up poor and have an insecurity about money (more about that later). So here is what we focused on:

  • Officiant, (Harry Allen, friend)

  • Backdrop (Signature Creations)

  • Wedding bands (King Will and Modern Gents)

  • Cupcakes and a small Cake for Isaac and I (Kirbee Miller of Kinimi Kitchen is a dear friend of ours and we have hired her for events for years. So she offered us a discount which we appreciate!).

  • Video and Photos (Mario Charles)

  • Dress (Fashion Nova), shoes (from my closet)

  • Makeup - did it myself with this kit!

  • Hair (Poiseblu) and a hair pin from my sorority sister

  • Isaac's Haircut (Tristan Buckner)

  • Isaac's outfit (from his closet: Ghanaian shirt, pants from Target, shoes from Aldo)

  • Bouquet - was hand made by my sister (J Creations)

  • A few other things were gifted (champagne, cake cutter, chairs) or came from our home.

By the way, Amazon is where I shop for just about everything to save money. All household items and much of our clothing! I even have my own store. Click the photo below to check it out!

We were sad we couldn't invite all of our friends and family. We just weren't willing to put too many people at risk. We hope you all understand!

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