Last minute Shopping!

I'm currently in a NO Spend month. Meaning, I'm only allowing myself to spend money on necessities such as food and household items. I planned ahead and completed my shopping after Thanksgiving. But if you are still looking for the perfect gift, look no more! (If you purchase through my Amazon Store, I may receive a small percentage at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my small business!)

Why No Spend?

Once or twice a year I choose a NO Spend month to help me reprioritize my life and focus on what's important. No shopping except for what is absolutely necessary. It helps set the tone for the next few months and then I'm able to increase my savings rate. I am to save and invest 50% of my income.

How to save money in small ways.

I'm always looking for the absolute best deal and most of the time that is on I even order toilet paper and toothpaste from Amazon because they typically have the lowest price, especially if you consider the subscription specials that you can cancel anytime. Just read up on it and let me know what you think!

I also highly recommend another money saving platform. Rakuten! You simply sign up and shop online as you usually do at your favorite sites and earn cash back. Expedia, Macy's, VRBO and Gamestop are my favorites on Rakuten. I've earned almost $300 back since I joined! Do your own research and let me know what you think. If you sign up with my Rakuten link we both receive extra cash back!

Now that we are ready to find the perfect gift, activate Rakuten for your specialized stores and fire up Amazon for your budget friendly gifts! It's a pandemic, so let's start online shopping!

Ladies first! Here are some gifts my girlfriends have on their wish lists. The special lady in your life will enjoy any of these items. Here are my top gifts for women:

Weighted Blanket - If you or someone you know suffers from being anxious or depression, consider the weighted blanket. It's comforting and feels as if you are being held tight and is shown to reduce nervousness and anxiety. Click the photo to read more.

Apple Watch. If your girlfriend or wife is anything like me, she's still rocking the very first Apple Watch that she's owned since 2015. Time to upgrade her Apple Watch! Amazon has several models on special right now!

The Unlikely AchieveHer is a workbook for you to journey through worksheets that help you create plans for your health, wealth, and happiness. It's completely action oriented! This is the perfect time for goal planning and New Years Resolutions so gift her this workbook!

Powerbeats pro wireless headphones. These are similar to AirPods but with a much better sound and they stay in your ears while working out or running. Grab a pair of Powerbeats before they sell out!

Vanity Table. She would love a cute place to sit and do her makeup! Any woman would love a dressing table and vanity mirror!!!! This one is a corner vanity table that will be perfect for doing her hair or makeup. Click to learn more about this vanity gift option for your girlfriend or wife!

Check out these other great options at my store.

Let's check out a few gifts for your significant other, fiance, boyfriend, husband and all around king! Isaac's gift just might be on this list ;)

  1. Google Home is the perfect gift for the man in your life. He'll have a blast setting up the Google Home Mini Nest Assistants throughout your home (available only on Google Store). Then you can call on Google to help you send messages throughout the house instead of yelling like we did for years at our house. "Hey Google, broadcast to boys room, it's time for dinner". Boom! Here are some accessories to consider:

2. Silicone rings are a perfect gift for him because he can still wear a ring, yet not potentially damage his most valued possession when working out or doing housework. Isaac loves his silicone mens set!

3. Pandemic wardrobe a.k.a. house clothes! Men always love new pajamas and a comfy robe! Check out these favorites that are great for relaxing around the house. Click the image to see the full collection.

For the little one's, we have the perfect toy list. Yes, the Nintendo Switch is on this list!

*Lastly, support your local small businesses! I am thankful you are here and if you purchase on my Amazon Store links above, you are supporting me in return. Thank you!

Here is another black owned business that you should check out, especially if you have a food allergy.

The Pink Bakery - Big 8 Allergen Free Baking Mixes!

Thank you! Happy Holidays!

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