What not to get me for Valentine's Day

Valentine's is a time to appreciate those around you. If we all show appreciation we will receive it in return. This year life looks differently than any other year. So I don't want an expensive gift for the sake of getting something just because it's expensive. So I'm giving experiences and gifts that are meaningful and will impact my loved ones' life. And that's what I hope for in return. (If you purchase through my Amazon Store, I may receive a small percentage at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my small business!)

What NOT to get me

This is going to make me unpopular. But I don't want expensive gifts for the sake of getting an expensive gift. I'd rather you purchase me a share of VOO stock! Don't know what that is? You should join the Millionaire AchieveHers Money Club where we learn and discuss investments.

I would also want an experience that will allow me to disconnect and/or a gift that is functional for my life right now.

Candle Making Experience

In this photo you see Isaac and I making candles at a local candle bar. We had the place to ourselves.

For the family with kids, I recommend renting out a movie theater just for your family. All the big theater allow it and prices range from $99-$200 to have a theatre to yourself!

Here are my top experiences and gifts for men and women:

Foot Massage Experience. If your girlfriend or wife is anything like me, she love a great foot rub! So make it special with candles, foot scrub and foot cream and her favorite chocolates. Then gift her a massager to use at her desk while working so she will always remember you! Click the photos to see reviews and shipping details.

I also highly recommend another money saving platform. Rakuten! You simply sign up and shop online as you usually do at your favorite sites and earn cash back. Expedia, Macy's, VRBO and Gamestop are my favorites on Rakuten. I've earned almost $300 back since I joined! Do your own research and let me know what you think. If you sign up with my Rakuten link we both receive extra cash back!

Weighted Blanket - If you or someone you know suffers from being anxious or depression, consider the weighted blanket. It's comforting and feels as if you are being held tight and is shown to reduce nervousness and anxiety. Click the photo to read more.

Money Club financial empowerment workshop for men and women.

Let's upgrade each other and take a financial class together! We always have a good time in the meetups and we will be working hands on during the Zoom workshop. Next week we are hosting level 1, reducing expenses and level 2 to help you find the budgeting style that is right for you. Surprise someone you love with the gift that lasts forever, education.

Level 1: I’m (Net) Worth it: Easy ways to reduce spending by 10% and start improving your budget today. We will work through your expenses and create your budget together. http://bit.ly/MC_Level1

Level 2: Budget Bestie: Find your natural budgeting style and eliminate debt once and for all. We will test out different budgets during the workshop. http://bit.ly/MC_Level2

Level 3: 401 Who?: Everything you need to know about workplace and Roth IRA retirement accounts and how to maximize yours. Bring your workplace info and let's hash it out! http://bit.ly/MC_Level3

Level 4: Financial Security: Want to retire early but don't know how? Let's create your plan together! . http://bit.ly/MC_Level4

The Unlikely AchieveHer is a workbook BUNDLE for you to journey through worksheets that help you create plans for your health, wealth, and happiness. It's completely action oriented! This bundle comes with a book, glam pen and two luggage tags so gift her this workbook!

Powerbeats pro wireless headphones. These are similar to AirPods but with a much better sound and they stay in your ears while working out or running. Grab a pair of Powerbeats before they sell out!

Vanity Table. She would love a cute place to sit and do her makeup! Any woman would love a dressing table and vanity mirror!!!! This one is a corner vanity table that will be perfect for doing her hair or makeup. Click to learn more about this vanity gift option for your girlfriend or wife!

Check out these other great options at my store.

Let's check out a few gifts for your significant other, fiance, boyfriend, husband and all around king! Isaac's gift just might be on this list ;)

Silicone rings are a perfect gift for him because he can still wear a ring, yet not potentially damage his most valued possession when working out or doing housework. Isaac loves his silicone mens set!

Pandemic wardrobe a.k.a. house clothes! Men always love new pajamas and a comfy robe! Check out these favorites that are great for relaxing around the house. Click the image to see the full collection.

For the little one's, we have the perfect toy list. Yes, the Nintendo Switch is on this list!

*Lastly, support your local small businesses! I am thankful you are here and if you purchase on my Amazon Store links above, you are supporting me in return. Thank you!

Here is another black owned business that you should check out, especially if you are looking for a career change. April Taylor is an HR consulting, executive and professional coach.

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Thank you for reading!

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