Is Mint Mobile any good?

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I would never ask my friends or family to try something I don't personally use or believe in. With that being said, the first step to achieving Financial Freedom is reducing your monthly expenses. After downsizing my housing, I searched for ways to reduce all my monthly expenses. It’s no surprise that the average mobile bill is a high a monthly expense. According to Money Savings Pro, “Americans aged 25-64, paid $114 a month on average for a cell phone service in 2018. That’s a staggering annual cost of $1,368 per person.” I switched to Mint Mobile a few years ago because it saves me over $1,000 a year on the same quality mobile service I had previously. Check coverage in your area by clicking the image.


· Does Mint have quality services and coverage? YES! Mint mobile is on the T-Mobile Network

· Do all Mint plans include Mobile Hotspot? YES! All plans include the Mobile Hotspot feature at no extra charge.

· Can I bring my current device and PHONE NUMBER to Mint? YES! Visit will my phone work to confirm compatibility. *note - if you do not own your phone you will need to pay that off when you switch to mint.

Let’s look at the numbers…

Verizon Wireless –

1 line of service (excluding cost of phone),

unlimited data, talk and text

= $70 per line per month or $840 annually.

Mint Mobile –

1 line of service (excluding cost of phone),

unlimited data, talk and text

= $30 per line per month or $360 annually.

BUT WAIT…if you don’t use a lot of data per month, Mint offers cheaper plans starting at $15 per month!

So, let’s add up the savings!

You could be saving $480 per year or MORE with Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is offering a free trial! Reach financial independence faster by slicing expenses. Order your Mint Mobile kit and try it out for a few days free or go ahead and get a three-month plan for $45 (4GB data), all while keeping your current service until making a permanent switch to Mint. If you have a newer phone with eSim, you can activate Mint Mobile and use your current service on the same phone and switch between the two for data or calls. If you only have a one slot sim card phone, you would have to get a new number to test out the free trial. You may prefer to click here to purchase the three-month $45 plan like I did so that you can keep your current phone number! *note - if you do not own your phone you will need to pay that off when you switch to mint.

Watch the video and see just how easy it is to order new service and install a sim card with Mint Mobile!

Check the Mint Mobile Coverage Here.

There are tons more ways to reduce your expenses in the complete financial freedom course! Work at your own pace along side me in this video based course. Check out these testimonials and click here to learn more.

I am thankful you are here to learn and hope you find value here. I am not a financial advisor and this is not advice. I am sharing how I became financially independent in hopes that the information is useful to you in your research journey. Also consult your tax accountant and do your own follow up research :) If you click or purchase through my affiliate links, you are supporting me and this free information with no additional cost to you. Thank you!

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