The Unlikely AchieveHer (TM trademark): an 11 step guidebook to a happy and prosperous life



An inspirational personal development workbook.



Are you tired of stopping and starting things, feeling paralyzed, allowing your past to haunt you, or wanting to take your life to the next level?


Lakisha bounced around schools, lived with and was raised by multiple family members, and felt hopeless as a child. But during high school, one opportunity to travel on a weekend college tour inspired her to change her outlook on life. From that moment on she released the pain of her past, decided to dream her biggest dreams, and allowed nothing to keep her from living a fulfilling and prosperous life. Follow along as she tells her story and shares exercises and worksheets to help you thrive and reach your happiest and most prosperous life.


Read this inspiring book, packed with in-depth advice and ideas, and discover new ways to improve your approach to life and become whatever it is that will make you happy. In this workbook you will:

  • Complete a Self-awareness Assessment

  • Start a self-esteem journal

  • Create Your mission statement

  • Learn to interpret body language and how to use it

  • Learning conflict resolution

  • How to network at events

  • Build your elevator pitch

  • Develop a self-care plan

  • Create a wealth building plan

  • And lots more…

Broken down into three distinct parts of Poise, Persistence and Prosperity, you will learn the secrets that most successful women know and have used in their own lives to become better than they were, more successful than they could have dreamed of, and happier

Table of Contents (which would you like to review?)





1 Self-awareness

2 Self esteem

3 Passion & purpose

4 Body language



5 Overcome obstacles

6 Conflict resolution

7 Mental health

8 Goal planning



9 Education changes everything

10 Budgeting and investing

11 Career life


Final words of encouragement

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