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This is where you can start to IMMEDIATELY find savings! These are products and services I use. Go in this order...

Cash back on Groceries (free)

This app is a MUST! I shop at Aldi and Kroger and I use Fetch Rewards app to get cash back on groceries. You just scan your receipts after shopping and get points. Then you redeem your points for gift cards! Download the app from the App Store and use my referral code after you register in the app and we both get credits!!! Click here Code: YE6K4

Sign up for Cash back on Shopping (free)

You simply online shop as you usually do, and receive cash back for doing so! All of the brands you normally shop at participate. No brainer! Signup!

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Personal Finance Workbook $25

THIS IS WHAT I USE! I created this electronic personal finance budget template to be simple and easy to use for budgeting and wealth building. It includes a 30 minute video overview that details some of the most important concepts in the Financial Independence Retire Early movement. Learn how to calculate your FIRE number, create a spending plan (budget), calculate your savings rate to determine when you can be financially independent, track your net worth and estimate how your nest egg will grow year over year and much more! 


Investment Trackers (FREE)

When starting on your financial freedom journey you need to organize all of your accounts in one place. I recommend you download this free app from Personal Capital to start organizing all of your money in one place so you can easily see your net worth and spending habits. Download it here today!


Mint Mobile $15/month

I switched from Verizon to Mint Mobile. My iPhoneX is paid off and I wasn’t on any contract (but don't worry, you can get an iPhone through Mint Mobile). Mint Mobile is a flat $15 a month (4GB Plan, I average about 2GB) and it runs on the T-Mobile network. I have noticed no difference in service from Verizon.  I love it! You can try it out before cutting off your current service. That’s what I did.   Click here now!


Cheat sheet & Checklist (free)

Download these two files to help you on your path to financial independence! Learn the three steps I took to amass my wealth in the Millionaire AchieveHers checklist. Post the Microsoft Excel Cheat Sheet by your desk as a reference to popular Excel functions. Click the file image to download. Enjoy!

LinkedIn Learning Courses (Free 30 day Trial)

I've partnered with LinkedIn! Start a free 30-day trial and get unlimited access to 16,000+ courses to make more money and level up! Take advantage of this great offer!


Side Hustle: Instacart

(Get Paid!)

If you love shopping and are looking for an easy way to make extra cash, look no further. Instacart is a great way to work when it's convenient for you and do something that helps others. Can be a discreet way to make extra money!


Financial Freedom Intro Course (free)

How exactly do you achieve financial freedom? Watch this free mini course and start to chart your own path to freedom. Click the image to play the video. After the video, take the next step and learn to trade in the complete course with Dr. Kisha!