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Rakuten (EBates)

Cash back for online shopping

Hey I want to share a few tools that I use that have saved me hundreds of dollars! First,  I use Rakuten and I love it!!! It used to be called eBates. It’s a plug-in on your computer browser that you turn on when you do online shopping (e.g. Airbnb, Expedia, Amazon). You then get cash back after you shop. In 2018 I received $210 back in the form of a several checks. Create an account with my link please. 

Personal Capital Investing

Investment tracking

I use Personal Capital to monitor my net-worth. It's easy and updates daily so you always know where you stand financially. They have many free tools to help you estimate retirement income and much more. Join and we'll both receive $20 when you connect your accounts! 

Fetch Rewards

Cash back for grocery shopping

I use Fetch Rewards app to get cash back on groceries. You just scan you receipts after shopping and get points. Then you redeem your points for gift cards! Download the app from the App Store and use my referral code after you register in the app and we both get credits!!! Code: YE6K4

MINT Mobile

Less expensive mobile phone bill

Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 10.40.03

Next, I switched from Verizon to Mint Mobile. My iPhoneX is paid off and I wasn’t on any contract (but don't worry, you can get an iPhone through Mint Mobile). Mint Mobile is a flat $15 a month (3GB Plan, I average about 2GB) and it runs on the T-Mobile network. I have noticed no difference in service from Verizon.  I love it! You can try it out before cutting off your current service. That’s what I did.   Check it out now!

A Few Money Saving Recommendations:

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